Friday, 16 February 2018

Introducing OCULUM, a middle grade dystopia

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Oculum (noun): Latin for eye; in architecture, a circular
oculus allows light through the top of the Roman
Pantheon and similar ancient domed structures.

Oculum aperui: I opened an eye.

I could NOT be more honoured to announce that my
middle grade dystopia, Oculum, is coming out soon from Dancing Cat Books

Here's the synopsis:

"I'm Mann, just Mann."

The world is slowly recovering after environmental collapse, and the children of the automated, domed city of Oculum have begun to awaken. Miranda, William and the 998 other children wake to tend the fruit trees and gardens behind the thick, opaque walls of their world. Some speak quietly of Outside, which is forbidden. Until William finds a door ...

The children outside the dome of Oculum — Mann, Cranker and others raised by Grannie — live in the rubble of the old destroyed city. They live with hunger, hard work, and stories about a time before the fall, of buggies without horses, light without fire and magical fruit called "peaches." But it must be lies, until one day Mann and Cranker get close enough to the ancient dome to find a door...."

I absolutely love the amazing cover of Mother of Miranda1 holding out a peach, by Emma Dolan. Thank you Emma! 

Thank you also to Barry Jowett and Marc Cote at Dancing Cat Books for inviting me in. And thanks once again to my intrepid editor, Allister Thompson, who was there from beginning to end (and that's eleven books we've created together now). 

More to come about Oculum in the weeks ahead, but for now ... love and peaches.

Oculum is available SPRING 2018 
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Friday, 2 February 2018

CM Magazine Recommends Alex and The Other

"The realities of middle school life combined with a creepy mystery adventure story make Alex and the Other a fun and fast-paced tale that fans of spooky stories will enjoy. RECOMMENDED" 

-- CM Magazine, Feb/2018

Well, that's a very nice first review for Alex and The Other, thank you CM Magazine. It bodes well for whatever comes next!

Here's the complete review: Alex and The Other

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